Spray Tans

Using Solrae Sunless, you will get the most realistic sun-kissed color!

  • Solrae Spray Tan $52 in Studio
  • Group Solrae Spray Tan (Parties of 4 or more) 20% OFF

Organic • Flawless, Healthy Glow • Naturally Derived Ingredients • Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free • Completely Paraben & Erthrulose Free • Made in the USA

*Because of the increase in cost to operate my business safely, there will be a $5 fee added to your service.

Follow these instructions before your custom spray tan to ensure the

best sunless tanning results.

  • Remove body hair 8 to 24 hours before your tanning session.
  • Skin should be clean and dry before being sprayed.
  • Don't apply moisturizers, deodorants, antiperspirants, oils or makeup before your tanning appointment. They can effect tan development.
  • It is best to shower before appointment.
  • Remove jewelry before being sprayed.
  • Wear dark and loose clothing.
  • If wearing shoes after, wear loose shoes - flip flops are best.
  • During your spray tan, you may wear a dark swimsuit or go topless; whatever you prefer and are most comfortable with.
  • Your hair will need to be off of the face and neck - use clips, or a hair tie.
  • You may want to switch to old sheets for the first night until you shower.
  • If you are at a spray tan party make sure to protect your vehicle interior (use a towel to cover leather or light colored seats) 
  • You will not be able to get wet until after your first shower, this means try your best not to sweat, and if it is raining and you go to a spray tan party, please bring an umbrella.

"I've had spray tans in the past, but I've never had spray tans that have looked so natural.  It turly is a healthy glow.  I have fair skin and Emily always uses the medium spray on me.  It is the perfect look whether I am running to and from preschool pickin up my kids or getting a spray tan for a wedding, I feel and look great!"

- Brittany Florijan -

"I am a tanning bed girl and know how bad it is for you. I did the spray tan thing years ago and turned orange. My friend talked me into trying again because this is "natural" and you know what... I love it! It may be a little more expensive than the tanning bed, but it is just as good and won't kill me!"

- Angela Sciulli -