Spray Tans by EMB

Miss the sun? I know I do.  As Pittsburgh makes national news once again with being ranked the number 1 city with the least amount of sun (that’s right, we are IN FRONT OF Anchorage, Alaska that has 3-7 hours of daylight in the winter months!), I think it’s time to at least make ourselves feel better with a spray tan.


“Spray, count, pat, and turn…” Spray Tan’s have come a long way since Ross Geller received his infamous spray tan on Friends many years ago.  When I decided to add spray tans to my repertoire I wanted to make sure I used the best products that were not only natural for my clients, but also LOOKED natural.  After doing some research I found Solrae Sunless and learned their story, I knew this was the product I wanted to use on my clients.  An all natural, organic, chemical-free tan, made in the USA AND they are a Pittsburgh company?! Yes please!


Spray Tans are an easy and healthy way to give you a glow year round.  Whether you need it for an event or just to make yourself feel better, in the words of Friends, I’ll be there for you.  For those of you who have never had a spray tan before make sure to watch my video to get an idea of what to expect when getting a spray tan.

A step by step “how to” of Spray Tans by EMB

Pretreatment instructions can be found here, but a few to highlight are…

  • SHOWER before your appointment
  • Don’t apply moisturizers, deodorants, antiperspirants, oils, etc.

Spray Tan

  • I come to you – You have to wait a minimum of 8-10 hours before you shower.
  • I bring all spraying essentials PLUS a tent that I will spray you in and the spray won’t get on any of your furniture/walls/etc.
  • When you get sprayed you can wear a bathing suit, go topless, or au-naturale.  Whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • I will start with your face (unless you request otherwise) and work down and around, directing you how to hold yourself throughout.  You will be sprayed twice. 

After Spray

  • YOU CANNOT GET WET FOR 8-10 HOURS! This means, no washing hands, be VERY careful brushing your teeth, drinking drinks, etc. If you are not at your home for the spray tan and have to go outside while it is raining, cover yourself as much as you can and use an Umbrella.  DO NOT EXERCISE and/or put yourself in a situation where you would sweat afterwards.
  • Within the 8-10 hours your tan will set and become darker than it will actually be after shower, do not get nervous, it will look natural once you are showered.
  • Make sure to “blot” or pat yourself down after showers so you don’t scrub your tan away.
  • Spray Tan should last 7 days if properly following the guidelines.


So that being said, if you are in the need of a pick me up because we haven’t seen the sun in months, email or text me at 412-945-0602 to set up an appointment and I will be happy to give you that perfect glow!